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New Computers

We custom build our desktop computers using quality component parts that are meant for long term use and designed for upgradeability. If you don’t know what you need, we can help with the decision process without “overselling” you. No need to pay for extended warranties; we build and stock products that last, and most of the parts we carry and use have a 3 year, 5 year or lifetime warranty through the manufacturer. We have a selection of computers built ready to take home and use, or we can custom build a system to your exact specifications. We have partnered with Lenovo to carry their Thinkpad line of products because they share our value of quality components meant for long term use. They have a full 1 year warranty through Lenovo, whose service and support center for the Thinkpad products is based in Atlanta, GA. They are very responsive to customer needs, are extremely quick to solve any issues you may have and they also have a very quick turnaround time for repairs should you need it. Both our custom built desktops and our Lenovo Thinkpad laptops are installed with only the operating system and customer required software; no bloatware installed here. We give you quality computers and laptops at competitive prices.

Cables, Parts & Upgrades

We stock many of the components you need to build or upgrade your computer, such as cases, motherboards, CPU’s, memory, hard drives (SATA, SSD & M.2), power supplies, optical drives, operating systems and video cards. We also have a variety of accessories such as keyboards and mice (USB & wireless), wireless adapters (USB, PCI-E & PCI), routers and switches, external hard drives, monitors and much more. We have the biggest selection of video, sound, USB, Ethernet, phone cables and adapters in town. Our universal power cord for laptops will fit just about any laptop on the market, new or old. No need to make the drive across the river, check out our stock here on our website or just give us a call to see if we have the accessory or cable you’re looking for. If we don’t have it in stock, we will be happy to order it for you.

Items currently in stock

Items Currently in stock

Business Services

DCS provides IT specialists to your company at competitive rates to help your business with the technology it depends on. We can do this on many levels such as over the phone or email and for those more demanding problems we can initiate a remote support session using Goto Express. Our onsite services are for those more demanding jobs that need attention, like setting up a new server, installing a network, setting up a new workstation, or user training.

DCS can help your business choose the right products for the job. Your business can utilize DCS to consult on new equipment and software. We can provide many products at competitive prices (take a look at our computer systems page). Customers can take advantage of our expertise and have us take care of their Information Technology needs signing up for one of our service contracts. Some of our service contracts come with discounted prices on all purchases made through DCS.

Personal/Home Services

There are two categories of computer repair – hardware problems (when your computer has a physical part that is failing) and software problems (viruses, corrupt or missing files, bad drivers and incompatible programs). We check all areas by doing a 25 point diagnostic so that you know exactly what is wrong with your computer and what the repairs will cost. We don’t just automatically erase your drive and lose all your important data as the first choice of repair – it is a last resort, not often used by our technicians. We will help you determine the most cost effective and efficient way to repair or replace your computer. We will do everything we can to restore your computer to its full potential in a timely manner for a reasonable and honest price.

About Us

DCS started out in 1999 as a sole proprietorship of Andrew Dalke. Many small businesses queried Tapani Underground’s (TU) management about who they used for their computer needs. TU maintained one full time and one part time IT staff to handle day to day IT operations. The expertise of this IT staff was offered to help these businesses. This grew into a side business which mainly took care of software and systems administration, while maintaining a professional relationship with DCS as the main hardware provider. As business grew there was a need to expand which resulted in TU purchasing DCS to expand the IT business to include custom built hardware.
Today we have become a full service provider with a friendly professional staff. We are confident you will enjoy your experience with us.
Before computers and computer networks, running a business was much different than it is today. Many things were done by hand with pen and paper and took much more effort. Things like spreadsheets, accounting records, and memos took a lot of paper and ledger books along with complex filing systems to keep records. Comparing that with today’s computer systems, we now have a far more efficient and accurate way of doing business. Although, the computers and networks need to be properly designed, maintained, and used to ensure these new technologies work with and for successful businesses.
We can custom build desktops to your specifications. If you don’t know what you need we can help with the decision process. We can also maintain your computer and network equipment so that you don’t have to worry about it and you can keep your mind on running your business.
Unlike many other manufacturers that load many unwanted free-trial programs on their computers, we load a pristine Operating System and load only necessary software for our customers. Going a step further we don’t stop just at the equipment! We will also provide a high level of technical expertise to ensure Informational Technology is working successfully for your business.